Will Trump Admin Eliminate the Popular Energy Department Loan Programs?


March 19,2018 – Washington DC, –  Today, the Trump administration Monday proposed significantly cutting a handful of contentious loan and research programs at the Department of Energy (DOE). In his budget request for fiscal 2019, President Trump proposed gutting the energy loan programs them all last year.

These programs were created to help develop and expand pioneering energy technologies:

  • The Innovative Technology Loan Guarantee Program
  • Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Loan Program
  • Tribal Energy Loan Guarantee Program
  • Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E)

These are considered popular initiatives among Democrats and even some Republicans. A handful of these lawmakers worked to restore at least some of the funding last year after Trump sought to eliminate them in the new budget.

Overall, Trump is proposing a slight increase in the DOE’s budget, to $30.6 billion from the $30.1 billion the agency gets annually under current funding.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry said in a statement, “The president’s budget request supports the Department’s efforts to enhance today’s energy security while also making strategic investments for tomorrow.”  According to the report, Trump is asking for $816 million for the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy office, a reduction of $1.18 billion from current levels. However, the Fossil Energy office would get $702 million, $281 million above its present budget.

Reference: Trump Cutting Energy Loans? – The Hill

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